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nail course

Firstly I don’t believe in one day courses. I don’t care how good the teacher is, how can you learn nail anatomy, theory, contra indications , contra actions, ratio , application, structure, nail types, forms , tips, shaping , filing techniques in one day? Never mind infills, backfills, corrections, rebalancing etc!!!! It’s just not possible!!!! Also what I found was missing from courses was yes you are teaching them to create a standard salon nail but is that it? What about how to build a business? What about Trouble shooting, client complaints, going self employed, managing your diary, managing client expectations, dealing with allergic reactions, Still think a day is ok?

So heres the difference. In my course all this is included! I offer 4 full days in salon and supported work through your at home practice with a fifth assessment day after your portfolio is complete. I believe in being salon ready after my course and I believe in giving my students the best start I can give them. I also provide ongoing support , we don’t just drop you when you have completed the course!!! We also offer work shops for those who are already qualified but want to work on certain aspects of nails.