About Us

Welcome to Royal Beauty Salon and Training

I’d like to introduce our Beauty Salon and Academy and tell you a little bit about us. So how did we design our courses? Well being in the military since we were 17 we have never known half measures and we simply don’t believe in mediocre. If we do sometimes we give it our all. So when Kelly and I chatted about how we wanted our business to be it certainly wasn’t going to be average. There was so many things I thought the common beauty course was missing. Yes you learn the skill, but what about how to build a business? Isn’t that the hardest part??? What about Trouble shooting, client complaints, going self employed, managing your diary, managing client expectations, dealing with allergic reactions, MAKING IT WORK!!!! Going self employed is a big deal and it’s scary! So our ongoing support is something we truly believe in treating like it’s just as important as the initial course. What ever path you decide to choose, you won’t be choosing it alone.

Discounts and Deals

Ok let’s talk discounts. Me and Kelly have discussed where we like to give our offers…. Here’s our choices and our reasons why….

1. Ex Military and Military Personnel

For obvious reasons! Me and Kelly both served for a young age and it’s very much still a part of us and the main reason behind our name!!!!! Also if you have the balls to go overseas to fight for your country at the age of 16 (or any age in fact) your special. Never forget that.

2. Additional Needs

To anyone who has struggled with examinations and education you may find yourself working better in a hands on situation rather than learning from a book. We can alter our courses so all the theory is oral and we can provide extra time and extra support to ensure you are able access the course and use it to your benefit. This is particularly close to my heart as my son has additional needs and I know first hand that although academia may not come easy to those with learning difficulties, but the talent, memory, passion and drive in my son is inspirational. We know it’s in you too.

3. Youth Detention Centre Personnel

So people make mistakes and those mistakes you may make as a child can impact on your whole life. Whatever you have done you CAN turn things around. We know with a criminal record it’s hard to get a job and often being self employed can be your best and in some cases only option. If you want to change your life we will help you.

4. Group training

Book with a friend or colleague and split the cost

Then we can also offer some fabulous bundle deals! Buy 2 courses and get the 3rd one half price!

Meet The Team



Hi everyone!!! Let me introduce myself! I am 35 years old (nearly 36 eeek ) and I joined the military at 17. I spent 13 years in the navy first as a communicator then the last 8 years as a physical training instructor. It was honestly the best years of my life! I left when my son was 4 he was diagnosed with Autism and a global delay. It made the choice to leave pretty easy and eventually I moved back up north when I was 30. I did a couple of jobs as a teaching assistant but life was really just work and looking after my son which is great but I wanted something just for me! I loved nails and beauty so I started a Beginners course with NSI and I guess the passion started from there. Every bit of money I earn from nail clients I put into another beauty course and little by little I got more qualifications and more clients. I took the plunge and rented a salon in garstang and my business has gone from strength to strength. This year I got married and now have two step boys as well! (so I’m well and truly out numbered!) I have always loved to teach so this last year and the beginning of this year has been all about writing the best beauty courses I can along side a long standing military friend who shares the same passions and business mindset. So that’s a bit about me! 


My name is Kelly Davies, I am 35 and I live In Pontypool, South Wales. I live here with my beautiful family, partner Tim and my children Laney-Del age 5, Nyran age 9 months and another baby on the way (due in June). I spent 12 years in the Royal Navy as a weapon engineer (best time ever), but then made a big decision to leave to start a family. Leaving the Navy was hard and adapting to civilian life was a struggle, but I’ve had lots of support. Whilst I was in the Navy I started studying beauty courses whilst home on leave. I really enjoyed this so when I left the military I went self employed, I always wanted to be my own boss. This was something I loved, it didn’t feel like a job and my clients became my friends. A year after an opportunity came up for a role as an engineer lecturer in Coleg Gwent (Our local college). Teaching is my passion so the following week I started and I’m still there 5 years on part time. I graduated with my PGCE in 2018. My dream jobs are beauty and teaching, so I thought let’s put these together and open a training academy, so that’s what myself and a close military friend Elaine has done. We have worked our socks off and luckily we share the same passion and have the same attitude towards work.



I’m Tara and I also used to work in the Royal Navy, currently living in Liverpool. I’m qualified in lashes, brows, facials and waxing. My biggest passion is brow rehab and my Bow to the Brow service has proven most popular with my clients. I’ve recently trained in curly blow drys too. I also love all crystal healing and alternative treatments.


I’m Linzi or as my friends call me, Linz! I’m qualified in hot stone, body massages and facials. I trained through the Royal Beauty Academy and my purpose is to encourage and help people to learn to relax and introduce self care into their lives. This is so important to me and is my passion and desire being able to bring these qualities to the Royal Beauty Academy.



I’m Lauren and I’ve recently moved to the Preston area with my family. I have over 12 years experience in the elite beauty therapy industry, working in a 5 star Spa Hotel and Salon. I’m qualified in a broad range of beauty therapies but my vocation is Deep Tissue Massage and Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion facials. I take great satisfaction from making people feel relaxed and good about themselves during and after their one on one treatment.


I’m Robyn and I have been a beautician for 3 years specialising in Microblading and Eyelashes. I take pride in what I do and ensure every client is happy with their treatment. I’m qualified in different aspects of tattoo eyebrows including blade and shade. Eyelashes I offer Classic, Hybrid and Russian.