indian head massage course

indian head massage course

Indian Head Massage | Accredited Diploma Course 

Our Indian Head Massage Course offers everything you need to know to become a massage therapistYou will learn all the techniques required seated and on a couch. One of the most relaxing treatments you can experience.

This one day accredited diploma course for existing therapists only with an accredited full body massagediploma certificate. 

Course Content

You will work on upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face

On this course you will learn:

•         History and theory of body massage
•         Benefits and effects
•         Contraindications
•         Health and safety
•        Consultation and client record cards
•         Preparation of equipment
•         Step by step treatment for the full body routine
•        Aftercare
•         A full and comprehensive manual
•        Ongoing support hub

 Course price: £150 1 day 10-3 (kits available on request)